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This wikia is dedicated to the Facebook Game: Sherlock Holmes: Lost Detective

Official Game Description:

Developed by The Other Guys and originally released as a Facebook game, Sherlock Holmes: Lost Detective has players take on the role of a rookie Scotland Yard agent who has stumbled across a crime that may be more complex than meets the eye. A strange masked man has appeared in London and is recreating Sherlock Holmes’ greatest cases down to the last bloody detail. Unsure of his motivations, you hunt for clues and try to put the pieces together in a thrilling adventure set in present day.

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The Game Features:

  • Experience an original and brand new Sherlock Holmes story that takes place in modern London.
  • Enjoy a unique "point and click" exploration and investigation mechanic in a free-to-play game.
  • Find hidden objects in challenging scenes to advance in the storyline.
  • Solve complex puzzles that will put your detective skills to the test.
  • Discover a different mystery to solve with every new episode.

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